Buongiorno e benvenuto sul mio blog! I hope you will enjoy it.

Who is Lucrezia Contarini? Interesting question, to be sure! She was the wife of Jacopo Foscari, son of doge Francesco Foscari. Their mariage was one of the most magnificient events of 15th century Venice, marking the alliance of the top-ranking magistrate to the most important family of the city. Lucrezia is also a character in Giuseppe Verdi’s I due Foscari, but oddly not in the opera’s inspiration, Lord Byron’s play The Two Foscari, in which Jacopo’s wife is inaccurately named Marina.

Spoiler: It’s an alias.

I am a medieval historian from Canada, and also a trans woman. My interests are varied, but include cultural history of the Middle Ages and Venice, past and present, issues of gender and age, old British shows, Tolkien and grammar. Originally, this was going to be a history blog, until I noticed I needed weeks to write anything serious about history, whereas I can sneak out an article on gender or trans* issues in an hour. All the same, expect some history from time to time, or perhaps some geekiness.

Why “Quaestiones from Lucrezia Contarini’s Online Salon”? In fact, the title is playing on anachronism. The quaestio was a part of the scholastic method; Lucrezia Contarini has been discussed; you know what “online” means; salons were meeting and discussion spaces for intellectuals during the Enlightenment and were led by women. In a way, the title creates an intersection between the present and three pasts.

~ Lucrezia

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